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#201 20 Nov 2018 09:12

Thomas Munier
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Inscription : 05 Feb 2008
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Re : [Inflorenza : Héros, salauds et martyrs à Millevaux] Comptes-rendus


Men, beasts and Gods in the icy hell of Milesvale's Great North

Read / download the mp3 version
YouTube version

Actual Players :  Marc Vallières (from the Aventureux Podcast), Sélène Tonon (from Ludologies Podcast), & myself

[[[ We still look for people to join the actual play's team for one or several one-shots. Please check and fill in those polls :
euro evenings poll
euro afternoons poll]]]

cquintin, ejorpin, foilistpeteer, warluzel, pratt, the.leafmaker, sheenyie, andra[bah! la realtà!], licence cc-by-nc, gallery on flickr.com

Inflorenza is a french RPG where you play heroes, bastards and martyrs in the forest hell of Milesvale (english beta-version here)

It deals with horror and beauty, sacrifice, power and suffering, and forest. Forest everywhere. Inflorenza is the game to live in hell, to fight for your soul and to die of love.

Below Forty is a theater from the Inflorenza book, written by Orlov.

In the future, the Tundra. A frozen hell covers the North-West part of Russia and North of Scandinavia. In the South, it spreads to Milesvale's haunted forest and in the West to the Wall of Shame erected by mighty China to protect itself from the abominations generated by Milesvale. Men, beasts and Gods of the Tundra try to survive, fighting against nature and between each other. They quarrel, hunt, eat, love, fuck and terrorize each other. Below, the Hollow Earth, realm of the spirits, the dead, the futures and the pasts. The Tundra is the realm of the Almighty Frost-Father, a divinity associated with Hunting and Frost. But it's also a moving place, an attractive place for its resources and the traces of the past ice has miraculously preserved. Thus, it's a place of death, of survival hanging by a thread, but also a country of hope and absolutism.

We try to show all the respect we have for native people from Finland, Russia and Bering Detroit and for people living with the Down Syndrome but as we are not concerned people and as this is roleplay (fictionial and partly improvisated), we may have made some mistakes and misinterpretations, so please tell us in the comments.

Marc and Selene are born-french speakers but their english is fluently. Mine is unfortunately far from perfect, i thank you for you leniency :)

This actual play is in public domain.

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